42 km, sixteen weeks, endurance/mental toughness, Strength/technique

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The magnificent full marathon! Whether it is your first or your tenth, the marathon will always be special! Cursing, smiling, crying, euphoria, all emotions will pass! This sixteen week program you build stamina and not unimportant, mental toughness. Strength exercises, coordination, speed and running drills will help you to get stronger and become a complete runner! To enter this program a 21k fitness is required. Tailored really means tailored so before you start we want you to provide us with the following information:

  • Two videos of mobility exercises (example video sent in the confirmation e-mail) to analyze posture. Based on your input and our conclusions you will receive your customized prehab strength program.
  • A 10s side angle video at running.
  • The distance of your 1 hour all out run. This will set the baseline for your endurance and interval pace.

Now we are ready to build the blueprint of your program!

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